Welcome to my online journal.ย my name is Dian Indah Savitri, in short “divitri”, then i choose that word as my online initial, such as blog, id facebook, id instagram and other social media things.

I am a mom for 2 children, afni (6) and faiz(4). Mow live in Depok. Just graduated from Master of Management University of Indonesia in 2017. I have working formal experiences in corporate (mostly financial institutions) and start-up company as IT-project manager. I passionate on tech things, personal financial planner, brand development, and data analytical.

As a full time mother, i also eager to share about my experience in pregnancy, baby delivery, ASI and breastfeeding, school, toddler activities, financial goal and setting, recipes, and many more.

i hope you enjoy reading my blog and please leave comment and stay in touch.



38 thoughts on “About”

  1. Salam kenal ah neng Dian
    Abdi oge ti Tanic eh Tasik eh Taziek eh.. di dinya lah di gigireun ciamis

    Ini mesti manggil apa? Dian? Indah? Savitri? Vitri? banyak pisan namanya…

  2. haii, dian.. thank’s buat info2nya ya.
    baru kenal kitaa dr selenium.. tapi kayanya aku klop sama kamu, kamu mau share knowledge gituu
    kamu developer ya.. good luck yaa,

  3. Asslm mb dian… thanks share pngalamannya.. mb mhon masukanny sy rncana jg mau ambil mm pemasaran ui, boleh info ngg mb ,
    1. Stelah mb wisuda kira2 yg paling terasa manfaatny mb ? Mm pmasaran
    2. Mata kuliah ny ap aj y mb?
    3. Pd saat perkuliahan di kasih tau ngg y mb, gmn metode/analisa marketing yg udh d terapkan oleh perusahaan2 dunia
    4. Mindsettny kalo tebakan sy, apakah utk mmbuat lulusanny bisa mngcreate kemasan yg bagus utk memasarkan sebuah produk dngan bbrabagai analisa…

    Trimakasih bnyak mb…smg sukses selalu..

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